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HamiltonBuhl Bluetooth 900 Series Wireless Transmitter / Headphone

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This Wireless Listening Center Includes:
(1) W900-Multi Wireless Transmitter
Transmits high quality audio via FM to W901 series headphones that transmit up to 300 foot range (maximum of 300 feet with optimal environment). Connects to any analog audio source through a 1/8" stereo mini plug. Switchable between 4 frequencies (Blue - 72.500 MHz, Yellow - 72.100 MHz, Green - 72.900 MHz, Orange - 74.700 MHz)
(6) W901-Multi - Multi Channeled Wireless Headphone
Multi-channeled headphone. Get 50 hours of listening time between charges with only an 8 hour charge time. Superb sound quality without wires or interference. Powered by classroom friendly internal NiMH battery with 40 hours of operating time between 8-hour charges. Switchable between 4 frequencies (Blue - 72.500 MHz, Yellow - 72.100 MHz, Green - 72.900 MHz, Orange - 74.700 MHz)NO TOXIC CHEMICALS - MERCURY FREE
(1) HH - Headphone Rack
The Hamilton HH Headphone Rack is a sturdy metal rack for storing your whole set of headphones.

Lead Time to Ship: 2-3 Days

HamiltonBuhl Bluetooth 900 Series Transmitter - W900-BLTM
HamiltonBuhl Additional Multi Channeled Wireless Transmitter for 900 Series - W900-MULTI
HamiltonBuhl Additional Multi Channeled Wireless Headphone for 900 Series - W901-MULTI
HamiltonBuhl Replacement 12V AC Power Adapter for 900 Series Transmitter - W980
SKU: HM-W980
HamiltonBuhl 6-Way Charging Cable for 900 Series Wireless Headphones - W990
SKU: HM-W990
The Hamilton HH/W906-MULTI Wireless Listening Center with Headphone Rack is perfect for all multimedia, lab and classroom applications. Each system includes one transmitter and six headphones. The entire system can be switched between 4 different frequencies with easy color-coded switches. Add additional transmitters to have up to 4 different channels of audio simultaneously! Go Wireless in your classroom with plug and play simplicity.
SKU HM-W90-MULTI-series
Assembly Fully Assembled
Country of Manufacture No
Product Height (inches) 9
Product Width (inches) 9
Product Length (inches) 11
Warranty 1 Year
Returnable No
Lead Time To Ship 2-3 Days
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